March 16, 2017

Watercolor Workshop: Gifts from the Sea.

Watercolor Workshop: Gifts from the Sea is coming up on 
Saturday, April 1st from 10-1pm.
There are two open spots ready for a beginning painter, 
or someone wanting to increase their watercolor knowledge and abilities.

If you would like to join in the oceanic fun,
simply email me at suki (at) birdseyeviewstudio (dot) com!

January 6, 2017

Classes begin again!!!

Woo hoo! Classes are resuming at Bird's Eye View Studio!
Check out the Classes tab for all the new class info!

Looking forward to creating with all of you again.

April 26, 2016

FREE Floral Coloring Page.

My teaching sabbatical has begun, and so has my re-entry into blogging!
I sat very still today, did some painting, 
and drew this little wonder for your coloring pleasure. 

I LOVE this time of year! So many blossoms to draw, paint, photograph, and sniff!

Here's my little finished page.

Please note that it is formatted to print on a legal (8.5x14 inch) paper. 
Or you can print it on smaller paper, but you may need to reformat.
I printed mine on watercolor paper, and colored it in with prismacolor colored pencils.

When you've finished yours, I'd love to see it!

December 23, 2015

Honeymoon Travel Sketchbook.

Here are some little snippets of my sketchbook from our recent honeymoon.
We adventured by car, caught ferries, hopped onto islands, and explored big cities.
Highlights for me were definitely our times on islands. Orcas Island Washington
has long been a favorite of mine, and my new favorite is Salt Spring Island, BC.
Both are little havens for small sustainable farmers and Artisans, my perfect combination!

We ate our way around, walked for miles, saw amazing sights, such as dried seahorses
in Chinatown, Vancouver BC, a whole museum of miniatures in Victoria BC, 
and stayed at some remarkable Air B and B rentals. Cabins, Barn lofts, 
LED certified apartments, and renovation warehouse lofts. 
It was a fun way to try on different lives!

It was a lot of work to paint a map of everywhere we went, but it was also 
tremendously helpful! We would be looking for an intersection, and I'd say, 
"Oh, I know where that is, I painted it this morning!"
We really do retain so much more when we slow down and put pen to paper.

I brought a pretty large smattering of art supplies, but found most often
I kept it simple, my small gouache set, a #6 round brush, and a micron.

If you are wanting to get in the habit of keeping a sketchbook, 
might I recommend my upcoming class, Sketchbook Play, which begins in late January.
Check out the class section of this blog for more info, it's going to be a blast!

December 15, 2015

January's Class Schedule is Out!

These two just wanted to let you know that January's class schedule is now out!

Click on the link above that says, "Classes," 
and you will see the full list of the offerings in the New Year!

December 14, 2015

Class Highlight: Carve Your Own Stamp and Print Your Own Wrapping Paper.

A fun class is happening this week...

Carve Your Own Stamp, and Print Your Own Wrapping Paper!
Tuesday, December 15th from 6-8:30pm. Just $35, all supplies included.
The class is geared for adults, and is happening here at Bird's Eye View Studio.

Send me a little email if you want to register:
suki (at) birdseyeviewstudio (dot) com

Hope you can make it!

November 16, 2015

Wet Felted Slipper Class at Penfelt Studio.

Wow! You know what's REALLY fun?? Getting together with a group of 
your best girlfriends and taking a class together!
This month I gathered a gaggle of gals and we headed over to PenFelt Studio,
and learned to wet felted slippers from the effervescent LeBrie Rich!

Here are a few of our finished slippers, I wear mine obsessively.

LeBrie has mounds of beautifully colored roving,
and some of her whimsical collages feel just right next to all those colorful balls.

Here we are, "working" away, truly it's more like playing away.

On the right is LeBrie, helping Charla try on her slippers.

Happy ladies with joyous slippers! Look at these bunny eared guys!

Every time I take a class, I am elated at the end! 
It's SO MUCH FUN to create, to learn, and to make something by hand. 

I am also so happy when I am on the teaching side of the table,
helping YOU build your creative confidence and skills.

Did you know here at Bird's Eye View Studio I also offers private classes?
All we need is a group of four folks, and you can learn anything from
needle felting, to bookmaking, to painting and drawing.
Let me know if I can help make a FUN day for a group of your pals!

And MANY thanks to LeBrie, you are a complete joy! xo